Take the pledge…
    celebrate Black history all year round!

We believe Black history is more than a month and know the importance of diverse programing to educate inform and inspire. So we challenge you with five reasons to Connect360°:
  1. Explore our shared history. Black history is    American history.
  2. Join an open discussion that connects a diversity of opinions and topics.
  3. Stay Connected to the newest films from PBS.
  4. Challenge yourself through a suite of history quizzes.
  5. Be Inspired by Black history & culture year round!

 Yes! I pledge to stay connected.

We pledge to bring you the best of PBS through stories and films that inspire, resources that educate and forums that provide a safe and educational platform to discuss the issues that matter to you most.

You pledge to stay connected and spread the word!  Make our stories apart of your daily, monthly routines … and then pass them on. Share your love for PBS and the subjects that speak to you.

We'll see you there at the BCC!