REGISTRATION CLOSED: Social & Emotional Learning Strategies for K-2 Teachers

Are you concerned about the trauma your students have experienced over the past several months? Recent times have brought difficult experiences to young children's lives - coronavirus pandemic, painful racial injustices, limited time with friends, lost learning and complicated experiences - that might come to a head when they step through your (virtual?) classroom door. 

Join PBS KIDS for a week of professional learning, where we will explore strategies for naming, rating, and regulating emotion so we can reflect on how these practices can be used with early learners regardless of our spaces. Designed and led by 2018 PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions Shelly Bautista and Will Tolliver Jr, educators will come to understand best practices in supporting social-emotional roots for young learners.

This is your chance to actively engage in learning, creating and practicing strategies centered in validating your learners social-emotional needs - no matter how they express them.

Your Week At A Glance:

Your week of virtual learning will start and end with LIVE, online learning events with other K-2 teachers. The middle of the week will feature daily, asynchronous challenges emailed each morning that you can do on your own time, to continue your learning and build upon SEL learning themes and strategies.

Thursday, September 10
LIVE Watch Party @ 7 PM EDT
Join us on Zoom for a webinar watch party! We'll view our 1 HR webinar recording with with Carolyn Myron MS to discuss the importance of social-emotional learning through a trauma informed lens. We will learn how educators can use emotional support strategies from the CLASS tool. We’ll also spend time with Charisse Sims, a parent and owner of Hidden Gems Early Learning Center in LA, to hear her tools for validating young children's intense emotions.

Friday, September 11
Challenge #1: Naming Emotions
Join us for a 20-minute challenge where we identify your favorite faces to name emotions.

Saturday, September 12
Challenge #2: Rating Emotions
Join us for a 20-minute challenge where you will create symbols to rate emotions.

Sunday, September 13
Challenge #3: Regulating Emotions
Join us for a 20-minute challenge and curate a menu to regulate emotions.

Monday, September 14
LIVE Virtual Learning Event @ 7pm EDT
This week of professional development will conclude with a PBS KIDS Edcamp “unconference”. This educator-led conversation is a chance to discuss with your peers the learning you’ve done through your Daily Challenges, and a moment to reflect and share more resources.