Thanks for your interest in this week of virtual PD! This week of learning kicked off at 11am EDT on August 3 and registration is now closed. Please visit PBS LearningMedia in the coming weeks to view a recording of these events.

Looking to incorporate digital tools into your fall plans? Join PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions Traci Piltz and Roshanna Beard for a week of professional development!

This week of free, virtual learning kicks off with a webinar on Monday, August 3, featuring stories from the field that highlight the successes and lessons learned from the abrupt transition to remote learning this past spring. The webinar will be followed by three daily challenges, emailed each morning, that provide participants with an opportunity to meet and engage with peers from across the country and reflect on your own practice. The week concludes with a virtual PBS KIDS Edcamp event, focusing on the topics and questions that YOU choose and surface throughout the week.

Your Week At A Glance:

Your week of virtual learning will start and end with LIVE, online learning events with other K-2 teachers. The middle of the week will feature daily, asynchronous challenges emailed each morning that you can do on your own time, to continue your learning and build upon distance learning themes and strategies.

Monday, August 3
LIVE Virtual Learning Event @ 11am EDT
Hear from teachers across the country as they share successes and lessons learned in the abrupt transition to distance learning this past spring.

Tuesday, August 4
Challenge #1: The Digital You
Share your own ideas for using digital tools with your students.

Wednesday, August 5
Challenge #2: Bridging Hands-On and Digital Learning
Create your own lesson idea that bridges digital & analog activities.

Thursday, August 6
Challenge #3: The Parent-to-Teacher Connection
Identify and share digital tools you plan to use to connect with families, and explore ways you can support families as media mentors.

LIVE Virtual Learning Event @ 7pm EDT
Join a PBS KIDS Edcamp! This virtual “unconference” is your opportunity to discuss topics of interest to YOU with your peers. This is an amazing way to connect, share your knowledge and learn from each other. This hour will be fun, fast-paced and engaging!